Bylaws of the Association

Article 1: Name

The name of this organization shall be the "Glendale Area Mental Health Professionals Association," hereinafter referred to as GAMHPA.

Article 2: Purpose

The purpose of GAMHPA shall be to support mental health professionals in the greater community including but not limited to Glendale, Burbank, Los Feliz, Silverlake, La Crescenta, and La Canada Flintridge, (2) to advance professional development and practice development within the mental health community, and (3) to promote awareness about mental health in the general public and allied professions. GAMHPA shall be an interest group only, shall not provide referrals to the community, and shall not credential its members in any way.

Article 3: Membership

Membership shall be for one calendar year, January 1 to December 31. Renewals made on or before the expiration date shall extend membership for one year. There will be two levels of membership: Full Member and Associate Member. Click HERE if you would like to join.

A Full Member shall be either a Board Certified or Board Eligible Psychiatrist; Licensed Psychologist; Licensed Clinical Social Worker; Licensed Marriage, Family, & Child Counselor; or Psychiatric Nurse. A Full Member must provide evidence of current licensure.

An Associate Member shall be anyone who is not credentialed at the independent level of clinical practice, such as a student, intern, apprentice, or psychological assistant. A student or intern must be sponsored by a Full Member. Associate Members may also be non-clinical, supporting friends or organizations.

Article 4: Dues

Dues will be set annually by the Board, based on budgetary considerations. If at all, dues increases shall only be made annually.

Article 5: Board of Directors

A Board of Directors shall function as its executive body. The Board shall be composed of the GAMHPA elected Officers and elected Standing Committee chairs, both of whom will be voting Board Members. Other, appointed, committee chairs will serve as non-voting Board Members.

Board powers shall be limited and defined by these By-Laws. The Board shall meet at least quarterly. Board meetings may only be convened with at least a quorum present. The Board may vote on motions by a simple majority.

Article 6: Officers, Duties, & Responsibilities

Officers shall consist of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Past President.

The President shall convene meetings, set an agenda, delegate duties to officers or committees as appropriate, and otherwise preside over the activities and welfare of GAMHPA.

The Vice President shall serve as President in the absence of the President, assume all duties of the President if that office is vacated, and otherwise assist and advise the President.

The Treasurer shall obtain budgets from committees, prepare a projected yearly budget, receive and disburse funds as directed by the Board, maintain a record of all financial transactions, and present a report to the Board periodically and at year's end.

The Secretary shall record and keep a file of all GAMHPA proceedings, including Board meetings and general membership meetings, and arrange for a substitute recorder in the event of absence.

The Past President position is filled by the previous Association President. The Past President's duties are to assist and advise the President. The Past President is a voting Member of the Board of Directors.

Article 7: Terms of Office

Board members shall serve for a term of one calendar year. There shall be no limit on the number of terms a member may serve. Vacancies occurring in the Board shall be filled by appointment of the President with the majority approval of the Board.

Article 8: Elections

A call for nominations to the Board of Directors shall be made annually to all members. Nominees must consent to serving on the Board. The Board will elect with a majority vote new members to the Board. Officers and standing committee chairs will be elected with a majority vote by the Board from among members of the Board. New Board members, officers, and standing committee chairs will be announced to the membership.

Article 9: Meetings

The Board shall convene a general meeting of members at least bimonthly locally. Meetings will be announced to members in advance. (For upcoming meetings, please see our newsletter.)

Article 10: Committees

The Board shall commission Ad Hoc and Standing committees to accomplish the goals of GAMHPA. Among the committees it may from time to time establish are membership, networking, newsletter, directory, speakers bureau, community liaison, special events, continuing education, and elections.

Article 11: Amendments to By-Laws

Issues not specifically addressed in these By-Laws shall be resolved by amendment. Ballots will be distributed to all voting members. These By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds majority of return ballots.

Article 12: Affiliation with Other Organizations

GAMHPA shall be an unaffiliated organization. GAMHPA shall function independently from other governmental or other professional organizations. This article in no way intends to restrict GAMHPA from cooperation with other organizations, unless such cooperation conflicts with these By-Laws.

Fourth Draft approved 09/22/1993
Amendment approved 10/01/1996
Amendment approved 10/02/2005

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