GAMHPA Listserv Messaging Service

GAMHPA is excited to announce our new free Member-To-Member Listserv email service.

What is a Listserv?  It is a great way for members of the GAMHPA community to interact with each other via email. It can also be referred to as a E-Tree, email forum, mailing list or e–list.
When you submit an email message to the Listserv, it is sent without moderation to all participants. You will also receive e-mail messages from other participants. It's easy to use. Once you sign up you don't need to log into anything to participate; everything is done via email.

To Subscribe, use the form to the right. Enter your e-mail address and name.  When requested, enter the listserv ID, which is "gamhpa."  Remember, you must be a GAMHPA member to participate (a good reason to join).

To submit a message to the service, you e-mail it to the listserv at It will then be sent immediately to all participants.

Please Note: When messages are sent to you, your e-mail address is hidden from other participants. When you send out a message in Listserv, members will receive it as if it were coming directly from you and your e-mail address will be visible. When you reply to a listserv message, the reply will only go to the sender of the message (they will see your e-mail). Keep in mind that this service is only being used by GAMHPA members, so only those that are part of this community will be participating.

You can opt out of this service anytime by
clicking the "Unsubscribe Now" link at the bottom of the e-mail.

If you have any question, please call or email.

Jim De Santis, Ph.D.
Listserv Moderator
(818) 551-1714

Listserv Guidelines:
  • The purpose of this service is to facilitate collegial interaction and clinical information within the GAMHPA community.
  • This service will accept messages for office space available or needed, groups or workshops, jobs, internships offered or needed, referrals, special services (a particular specialty or language spoken).
  • Professional dialogue, professional and clinical issues, case consultation, sharing of techniques, announcements of educational presentations and ethical concerns are all welcome.
  • Resource requests for your patients. Please note: Having the word “referral” in an Listserv request may create a responsibility or liability on the part of GAMHPA.  Therefore, we request that you utilize a title such as “Seeking Group for Women in Transition, Arcadia” or “Seeking Therapist for ADHD Dx, Pasadena 14 Year Old.”  Please limit descriptive elements to those necessary to appropriately place the client, but that would not inadvertently violate confidentiality.
  • Please include descriptive information in the subject so that those disinterested may delete without reading, such as "Looking for office in Glendale."
  • Whenever possible, please include your message in the body of the e-mail rather than as an attachment.
  • You must be a GAMHPA member to place a message. We will not accept messages being placed by someone who is not a member or on behalf of a non-member. (Except a member’s agency or place of employment offering workshops or employment/internship opportunities). If someone outside of GAMHPA wants to place a message, please encourage them to become a member.
  • We will not accept messages for general self-promotions, address changes, etc.
  • A message for a given topic can only be submitted once per month.  If you need your message to run more frequently, you can place an ad on our website.
  • GAMHPA reserves the right to edit, screen and deny ads that do not meet these guidelines.


  • We recommend that you not append attachments to your post, because these may be rejectedc by the system.  The maximum size of an attachment is approximately 1.0 Mb.

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